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The three different skillsets in GreedFall. Each is represented with a different colour.

Skills are a huge element in GreedFall to create the desired player character. Players unlock a new point as they gain a new level.

Skills dictate which weapons you can use, provides a bonus to certain aspects of the weapons (damage amount, armor stripping, stunning, etc.), or opens up the ability to do things like apply magical or poisonous potions to your weapons. To plan your build, scroll over each node to see what benefits you're going to receive.

For example, if you wish to use Two-Handed Heavy Weapons, you need to start with One-Handed Heavy Weapons and purchase all the nodes between it to the Two-Handed Heavy Weapons node. Only then can equip Two-Handed Heavy Weapons and begin using them.

When you are out in the world exploring, you should keep an eye open for Skill Altars — discovering these give you a free Skill Point. From a distance, they appear on the map as question marks, but when you get closer, you can see if they are Skill Altars or some other point of interest.

Best skills to start with[]

Skills affect your hero in every way. They determine what you will be able to do and how you will behave. If you don't buy weapon skills you won't be able to use any weapons.

But you don't have to worry - skills aren't mutually exclusive.

Warrior - the perfect skill for strong, determined warriors is a skill tree dedicated to this class. These skills develop attacks and increase their strength. In addition, it will be a good idea to develop a roll. It will allow you to quickly dodge opponent's blows.

Magic - a good idea, in the case of this character class, will be not only developing a tree of magic abilities, but also investing in magical healing. It will regenerate 250 points of your health.

Technical - in the case of this class it is worth to invest in the skill of Shadow Impact. This attack not only knocks away enemies but also makes them more vulnerable to damage.

List of skills[]

Magic skills

These skill trees develop the magical abilities of your hero.

  • Stasis
Immobilizes enemies for 8 seconds. If you receive damage while this spell is still active, all enemies will wake up.
  • Stagnation
Extends the Stasis duration by 20 percent.
  • Corrosive Emanation
Stasis destroys the armor of the opponents.
  • Perfect Incantation
Reduces the mana cost of this spell.
  • Crystallization
Each enemy inflicted with Stasis becomes more vulnerable to attacks.
  • Shield of The Enlightened
Strengthens and restores the hero's armor.
  • Steadfast Light
The shield increases the balance of the character.
  • Shield of Fury
If the enemies destroy the Shield of The Enlightened, they will regenerate your fury.
  • Holly Bulwark
The shield increases elemental and magic resistance.
  • Storm
Creates a shock wave that causes the stasis effect on surrounding enemies.
  • Vulnerability Storm
Increases the stun power and makes the opponents more vulnerable to magic.
  • Extended Storm
Increases the strength and duration of Vulnerability Storm.
  • Divine Magic Ring
Allows you to use magic rings.
  • Ravenous Shadows
Shadow Projectile and Shadow Impact deal more damage.
  • Shadow Dancing
Increases the speed of the combination when using Shadow Impact.
  • Destabilising Impact
Shadow Impact stuns opponents.
  • Light Projectiles
Shadow Projectile requires less mana.
  • Lightning Dash
Allows you to jump backward instantly after dodging.
  • Faster Than Lightning
Increases attack speed.
  • Light Shadow Impact
Shadow Impact costs less mana.
  • Ranged Shadow Impact
Shadow Impact works at a greater distance.
  • Whirlwind of Shadow
Increases the hero's attack speed

Technical skills

These skill trees develop the ranged abilities of your hero.

  • Firearms
Allows the use of ranged weapons.
  • Precise Calibration
Each firearm deals more damage.
  • Destructive Shot
Shots can destroy armor.
  • Impact Bullets
Shots stun opponents.
  • Rifle
Allows you to use a rifle.
  • Anointed Weapons
Allows you to use potions on weapons to increase their attack power.
  • Alchemical Dosage
Increases the power of potions.
  • Assassin's Touch
Weapons strengthened with potions are highly poisonous.
  • Focused Alchemical Fire
Increases elemental damage.
  • Bomb
You can throw bombs.
  • Powerful Bomb
Increases the strength and range of bombs.
  • Toxic Bomb
Bombs poison opponents.
  • Set Trap
Allows you to use alchemical potions that explode on contact with the enemy.
  • Fast Trap
Allows you to place traps during combat (after dodging).
  • Destructive Elemental Preparations
Increases the damage dealt to armor.
  • Seismic Magic Preparations
Increases magic damage.
  • Economical Alchemy
Allows you to re-collect ingredients from disarmed/destroyed traps.
  • Phial Throw
A thrown phial acts like a grenade/bomb - it explodes upon contact with the enemy.
  • Light Grenades
Allows you to throw grenades farther.
  • Mephitic Discharge
A phial poisonous environment upon explosion.
  • Extended Stasis Alchemy
The stasis potion has an increased duration.
  • Devastating Grenades
Increases the effective range of skills from this tree.

Warrior skills

These tree branches develop one-handed and two-handed weapons as well as fury. Focus on these skills if your character wants to destroy everyone who gets in their way.

  • One-handed blades'
Allows you to use one-handed weapons - attack, kick and furious attack.
  • Sharp Steel
Increases one-handed weapon damage by 10 percent.
  • Cruel Steel
You deal 20 percent more damage to unarmed enemies when using a one-handed weapon.
  • Strong Kick
Kick stuns an enemy for a moment.
  • Devastating Kick
This kick destroys enemy armor.
  • Long Blades
It allows you to use two-handed blades - attack, kick and furious attack.
  • Sharpened Edge
Increases two-handed weapon damage by 10 percent.
  • Cutting Breath
Your attack has a greater range.
  • Steel Squall
Reduces the attacks cooldown, allowing your hero to attack faster.
  • Fury
Increases attack speed.
Duration - 15 seconds;
Series speed - +50%;
Attack speed - +30%;
The cost of a frenzied attack - 100%.
  • Powerful Fury
Increases the power of stunning.
Regenerative Fury
Fury restores health and armor points.
  • One-handed Heavy Weapons
Allows you to use maces, hammers and axes - attack, powerful attack and furious attack.
  • Strong Grip
Increases the damage of blunt weapons by 10 percent.
  • Chained Attacks
Allows faster attack with blunt weapons.
  • Devastating Impact
Each hit stuns the opponent and throws them off balance.
  • Armour Breaker
Increases the power of attacks dealt to enemies with armor.
  • Two-handed Heavy Weapons
It allows the use of heavy two-handed weapons - attack, devastating attack and furious attack.
  • Iron Grip
.Increases the damage of blunt weapons by 10 percent.
  • Steel Wall
You are better at two-handed weapons.
  • Shock Wave
Heavy attack creates a shock wave that sends opponents off balance. This makes fights easier.
  • Seismic Shock
Increases the radius of the shock wave.

Combination Skills

  • Roll
This skill tree can be unlocked after getting - Devastating Kick and Rifle.
Allows you to dodge quickly.
  • Galvanising Fury
Increases recovery rate of fury.
  • Vengeful Fury
Increases recovery rate of fury while countering.
  • Backstab
Increases the power of attacks dealt from behind.
  • Devious Fury
Increases the rate of fury regeneration when attacking from behind.
  • Magic Healing
This skill tree can be unlocked after getting - Armour Breaker and Crystallization.
This healing spell restores 250 health points.
  • Purifying Healing
The spell removes a poison from the hero's body.
  • Divine Aid
Restores 50 percent of health points.
  • Steel Healing
The spell restores 100 armor points.
  • Group Healing
The spell also restores health and armor of opponents.
  • Shadow Burst
This skill tree can be unlocked after getting - Economical Alchemy and Light Projectiles.
This attack knocks back all enemies in the area and deals damage + stuns them.
  • Temporal Rift
Slows down enemies when using Shadow Burst.
  • Relentless Shadow
Increases attack damage.
  • Enlarged Shadow
Increases the range of Shadow Burst.
  • Devastating Shadow
Increases the stun power.