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Serene is the biggest city of the Congregation of Merchants, and one of the most important ports on Gacane. It is a very old city that sea trade has long made rich, but it is also the ultimate diplomatic city thanks to the neutrality of the Congregation. You can find everything you can imagine here. People from all over the world come together and its markets are full of the most exotic goods. For over a century, Serene's splendour radiated, attracting the best artists and philosophers of the time, despite the appearance of the malichor… But since a little over twenty years, the deterioration of the Congregation's relations with the Nauts and an aggravated epidemic have drastically reduced its prestige and population.[1]

Other locations

  • Bridge Alliance Embassy
  • Coin Guard Barracks
  • Fontaine Family House
  • Fontaine Family Warehouses
  • Old Warehouses
  • Naut Warehouses
  • Port Quarter
  • Tavern
  • Thélème Embassy


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