Professor Serafeddin's Journal

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Professor Serafeddin's Journal is one of the notes in Greedfall.

Text[edit | edit source]

"[...] At long last, I have managed to enter the tumulus, but, unfortunately, the guardian inflicted a grievous wound upon me. It matters not, I will worry about it later, this tomb is so fascinating!
And I thought the guardians I had observed were tall, it appears that I was wrong! The skeleton that is in here is even more gigantic. Oh, what a creature it must have been when it was still alive! According to the natives, this guardian was the first to have appeared, and it was in fact an ancient king of the island who transformed into this creature to repel an enemy coming from the sea... It is obviously a legend, but my observations lead me to believe that it could be true to some degree. These beasts were men and women before they transformed into guardians by means of a process I fail to understand...
My wound got infected and I have no way of treating it. What a shame, I would have loved to complete this journal! I hope that someone will find my notes and continue my work..."