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Gacane is the name of the Old Continent and the city of Sérène,the city of Al Saad and Thélème's capital are located there.

During the events of Greedfall the continent is passing through the worst moment of its large and complex history due to the mysterious illness known as Malicor that is constantly decimating its population.

The societies the continent homes are diverse on customs and generally have a rich history as far as we know it only consists on three nations:The Congregation of Merchants ,Thélème and the Bridge Alliance.

De Sardet and Constantin remain constantly ignorant of the happenings of the Old Continent during their stay on Teer Fradee but on certain missions De Sardet using the position of Legate may influence the future political landscape on Gacane such us when you discover the tomb of San Matheus or the results of the takeover of the Coin Guard on Teer Fradee or more commonly on the relationship the settlers may end up having with the natives of the island.

The specifics of Gacane like its fauna,geographical history or even extension are unknown and never constructed upon.